Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide clients with the highest quality of services in a warm relaxing environment. We take the time to educate and inform our clients through every step of their visit. Our pride is expressed through the results obtained and every visit there on. We use only the latest product lines to achieve the best results. Our vision is to fulfill the overall experience and well-being of everyone who enters our door.

In good health…
Marjorie E. Garden & John H. Butzke


Marjorie E. Garden (Massage Therapist)

Marjorie is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She graduated from Mildred-Elley with honors in their massage therapy program. She started working at the school with a repeat clientele. Initially, Marjorie started attending nursing school. Soon after having a massage, Marjorie realized that massage therapy is a great way to help people.  Soothing away soreness and muscle tension led her to pursue other modalities such as deep tissue and sports massage.

Marjorie has had the opportunity to work with the N.Y Giants football team while they were in SUNY Albany.   After their morning workouts, Marjorie would administer Deep Tissue Massage.  Currently, Marjorie is excited about branching out on her own.  Besides massage therapy, Marjorie is a licensed nail technician. In 2018 Marjorie became an active member of the U.S. Olympic Committee in the Sports Medicine Division. She hopes to provide great comfort and stress relief to the people she touches. Her goals include approaching her clients with sensitivity and educating them about the benefits of Massage Therapy.